How does Cozeat work?

You can order your breakfast with Cozeat from the best and closest bar in your neighborhood. It is very easy: choose your breakfast on Cozeat web-site, customize it as you wish, add your address and expected delivery time. Our Team will confirm your order via e-mail.

How can I place an order?

Just go on Cozeat web-site and choose the breakfast you prefer: reach us via direct link, Facebook page or QR code (on any menu).

What time can I order for?

You can order when you prefer, but we do not manage daily orders.

We guarantee time request satisfaction only for orders received by midnight (00am) of the day before delivery request; that is in order to offer the best available breakfast experience.

You can have your breakfast, every day, from 8am to 12am.

Who can place an order Cozeat?

Cozeat is the only food delivery service that allow you to have breakfast directly in your room!

Cozeat is available and guaranteed for guests of structures of Rome partenered with us.

Cozeat is available for guests of structures of Rome not partenered with us.

Why the first delivery time available is always set to “tomorrow”

We deliver orders received at least 8 hours in advance (until midnight of the day before of expected delivery), in order to guarantee freshness and temperature of our products.

Is there a minumum order value?

No there is not. Cozeat is made even to satisfy only one person: you can order even just one breakfast composition.

How much is the delivery?

Delivery costs are included in breakfast composition prices. You will not be charged for more when you pay.

How can I create my Cozeat account?

You can go to “Login & Registration” section of the web-site. In your profile you can set address and see past orders.

Can I order via telephone?

We are sorry, we only accept online orders.

Do I have to go picking my order?

No, the Rider will take your breakfast directly to your door. You can wait for him in your pajamas!

What if I made a mistake in my order?

You can contact us via e-mail (info@cozeat.it), we will change your order details and give you written confirmation. Any modification is feasible until midnight (00am) of the day you placed the order.

What if I there is something missing or wrong in my order?

You can contact us via e-mail (info@cozeat.it), we will find an economic solution: send us pictures of missing or wrong product, we will asses the damage and come back to you as soon as possible.

What if I there is something damaged in my order?

You can contact us via e-mail (info@cozeat.it), explain what happened, send us pictures of damaged product. We will asses the damage and come back to you as soon as possible, if applicable we refund you.

What if I am not satisfied with my order?

We are very sorry to hear about that, please contact us via e-mali (info@cozeat.it). Help us improve our service.

What if my order is late?

Cozeat reserves the right to be maximum 15 minutes late, in the case in which the limit is broken we will contact you on the number you gave us. For any further detail you can alway contact us via via e-mali (info@cozeat.it).


Where the breakfast is made?

Our Team carefully select our partners among the best bar with DolceVita, Achillea and Rigoni di Asiago products: only high quality food and drinks.

The breakfast comes from the partner closest to your address.

How do we take breakfasts?

Our Riders deliver your breakfast in isothermic packaging in order to preserve our food and drinks properties.

Who is a Rider?

Riders are guys and girls working in our delivery team.


Accepted payment methods:

At the moment we only accept cash at delivery. Soon credit card and PayPal will be allowed.

Is delivery cost included?

Every breakfast composition price includes all selected products and delivery costs.

Do I have to tip Riders?

Tipping Riders is not compulsory, their cost is included in what you pay. But our boys and girls, delivering for Cozeat, will appreciate that action very much.

Where can I find a Discount Coupon?
  • On your first order, leave a positive review on our Facebook page and you will receive a 20% Discount Coupon;
  • When you get your order post a picture on Facebook or Instagram, tag Cozeat. You will receive a 10% Discount Coupon.
  • Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, don’t miss our promotions.
I received a Discount Coupon for Cozeat, how do I redeem it?

Use the code in the Discount Coupon in “Enter your code” field, you will find it in the section of personal data when you place an order.

Environment care

What happens to used packaging?

Among our major worries there is the respect and preservation of the environment.

Help us recycling!

Leave the external packaging in the structure you are, we will take care of it by the end of the day.