Continental Breakfast

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Continental breakfast is made from flavours of italian tradition but with a more crumbly croissant and a salty touch: a tasty and fresh-made cheese and ham toast.

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DolceVita croissant, Hot drink, Rigoni di Asiago fillings, Achillea fruit juices, Cheese & ham toast.

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Additional information

Hot drink

Espresso Coffee, Cappuccino (+0,40€), Tea (+0,50€), American coffee (+1,00€), Decaf coffee (+0,20€)

Organic filling

Organic Apricot jam Rigoni di Asiago, Organic Berries jam Rigoni di Asiago, Organic chocolate and hazelnut jam Rigoni di Asiago

Organic fruit juice, 100% Italian

Organic 100% Orange juice Achillea, Organic Apricot juice Achillea, Organic Peach juice Achillea


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